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What's Wrong With Your AC Unit?

  • It's REALLY loud...something might be wrong with it?
  • I don't know how to install it...
  • It's supposed to put out cold air...and it's not.
  • I think it has a leak!
  • Honestly, I have NO IDEA what's wrong with it...all I know is that I AM HOT!

So If You Don't Know How To Fix Your AC Unit...What's Your Plan?

AC Units Don't Fix Themselves!

We Know How To Repair And Replace All AC Units!

How Soon Can We Get You A Quote?

As soon as you call us, we will give you a free estimate on the work you need done! From there, we can easily schedule a service appointment and come by to do the repair.

It's as simple as that!
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Your AC Unit Will Be Good-To- Go For Years!

You don't want to have to replace your AC unit more often then you need to...which is why we always repair and install units with quality care. You will find that after we repair your AC unit, it will be good for years to come! Our services LAST!

So go ahead and prepare yourself for that nice cool breeze! It's coming your way!

We're Kind Of A Big Deal...

Because A-OK Heating & Cooling has so many years of experience, they have been exposed to a lot of different kinds of AC units. This has made them highly skilled at performing work on ANY brand of HVAC/R equipment.
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Recent Reviews

Deborah Roszell

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jan 5, 2021
A-OK is a professional service provider for HVAC. I would recommend them to anyone. Tyler and Dave are the most professional and will always call on them for our HVAC needs in the future.

"Recommend Them To Anyone."

Pamella Edwards

Sharpsburg, GA

Date: Nov 23, 2020
Very satisfied with a job well done.

"Very Satisfied."

Jon Cadenhead

Fairburn, GA

Date: Aug 30, 2019
I was pleased with their quote. They priced bat or below all other reputable dealers/installers. They priced what my research had determined was the best company on the current residential market. All others priced lesser brand names. When I put these two facts together, it was a no brainer. I encourage you to talk to them. It cost nothing for them to come out and tell you what you need to get the most value for your dollar. I am absolutely pleased. Thank you to David and Tyler and the other guys who worked long, hard hours and never backed up. I admired your ethic and am proud to own the unit and the fine quality installation.

"I Am Absolutely Pleased."

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