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We Do Heating & Air in Senoia!

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We Do Heating & Air in Senoia! Serving Georgia Since 1946.
Hello and welcome to our HVAC company. We have been in business for a long time and are proud to offer our heating & cooling services in Senoia, GA. Senoia is a wonderful place full of fantastic people. We have been operating our heating and air company since 1946 and to this day we are still family owned and operated. We take pride in doing quality work and prices people can respect and appreciate.

What Sets our Senoia Heating & Cooling Services Apart

40+ years is what sets our HVAC services apart from so many of our competitors.

We are a company that has learned how valuable it is to treat every customers right. We stay in business because we have so many customers that have been with us for years and won’t go with anyone else. Why? Because time and time again we have proven that we are honest, full of quality, and that we always work hard to get them the best value for the best price.

Our team of professionals are ready to get your call from Senoia, Georgia. We are great at answering our phones and listening to your needs over the phone. Over the phone we will recommend our solution and schedule a time for one of our heating and air guys to come by your home or business in Senoia.

What HVAC Services Do We Offer in Senoia?

A brief list of what services we offer in this beautiful city.

We offer all of our Heating and Cooling services in Senoia and are happy to do so. We offer these services for both residential customers and commercial customers. We can help with your furnaces problems, ac problems, humidity issues, and more.

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Client Testimonial
We always get A-OK to handle any of our heating and cooling problems. We also highly recommend them when other friends or family need assistance. My husband owns Birch Creek Real Estate and he refers all his clients to A-OK when inspecting a house. You… ~ Wanda Lynn Akin Jackson-Gran - Peachtree City, GA

Air Conditioning in Senoia

Senoia is no stranger to the hot and humid southern temperature. AC is heaven sent during our wet summer months. What happens when your ac unit isn’t cooling your home, apartment, or business like it used to? That is when we can come out and fix the problem. We have fixed thousands of units and are ready to help fix yours. We give honest advice and solutions based on what your heating and air system is actually doing. We will not recommend a new HVAC system unless it really needs it and makes sense to our customers financially.

*Along with offering ac services in Senoia we of course offer air conditioning services in Peachtree City.

Furnace Repairs in Senoia

Like our hot and humid summers Senoia can experience some pretty cold spells during the winter months. Of course, Senoia is no Canada or Alaska but when temperatures start dropping to freezing and below freezing nobody wants to be without a properly working furnace. We can repair furnaces in Senoia, install furnaces and replace furnaces. When it comes to heating we do it all for residential customers and commercial customers.


Is your house too humid? Do you know what too humid is? Give us a call because a home that is too humid and hot can have more problems then just making the occupants uncomfortable. Mold and mildew thrive in hot and humid environments and we can come out and test your humidity levels in order to recommend the best solution to get those levels down and prevent huge problems in the future.

Maintenance Services

Nobody wants to go without cooling or heating when their system goes down. That is why we recommend keeping the properly maintained so you can limit the down times and even prevent them entirely. Many times HVAC systems have problems because they went unmaintained for too long. We can get you on a service plan and have your HVAC system staying in prime condition as long as possible.