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Problems With Your Furnace?

As hot and humid as the summer months are in Peachtree City, the winter months are as bone cold chilling. If you are experiencing furnace problems, don’t hesitate to call the company that has built its business off of customers for life. We don’t sell furnaces or advice on repairs that are not needed. We take care of our customers because we have been around since 1972 and want to be around for much longer! Call today for our heating repair in Peachtree City.

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Is Your Furnace Not Working?

The bulk of Peachtree City’s weather is hot and humid but nobody can afford to forget the cold winter months that come each year. Many new residents are quite surprised to find out that the south (Peachtree City) isn’t hot all year round but that our winters can be very cold.

That means when the weather starts dropping the furnace needs to kick on or else homes and businesses are going to easily drop into the low 60s and 50s.

If you are on our maintenance plans, you can rest assured that we check your system to make sure there are no hidden surprises with the dropping temperatures. If you have set your thermostat to start your furnace up again and have noticed that it isn’t working as expected or isn’t turning on at all, it is time to call. Our NATE Certified technicians can help you have heat again with the right solutions, price, and quality of service.

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Peachtree City, GA
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Common Heating Problems

What your furnace is most likely doing

This section is to simply help you better understand what might be happening with your home’s heating system. Of course we know that 5 possible reasons are not the only possible problems your furnace may be having. In fact, there are a lot more but we thought these five are among the most common.

*We would love to hear from you so that we (the professionals) can take care of your heating repair the right way.

1. Your Furnace Isn’t Being Maintained Properly or Maintained at All.

Can you imagine what would happen to our cars if we never changed the brakes, replaced the oil, or got new tires. Well, when a furnace or a heating system isn’t maintained problems will arise. To prevent premature problems and repairs it is important to maintain your furnace. Furnace maintenance will save you money in energy costs, repair bills, and even give you a longer lasting furnace which means you won’t have to completely replace your old furnace prematurely.

2. Your Filters Are Clogged

Now this one goes in line with #1. People more often than not forget to change out their old filters. Clogged filters will put unneeded strain on your system which can cause it to break, not work properly, and reduce air flow. Making sure your furnace’s air filter is new and performing its responsibilities isn’t a hard thing to do but it is very important.

3. The Mechanics of Your System Are Worn Down

Just like vehicles, furnaces are a machine and machines don’t last forever. You may be facing a broken belt or worn bearings. There really are a number of mechanical issues that can happen with time. Our NATE Certified professionals will be able to identify the problem and help get it fixed as soon as possible.

3. Mechanical Wear and Tear

Your furnace contains many mechanical parts essential to the proper operation of your furnace. Wear and tear on any of these parts may cause issue with the performance of your unit such as belts and bearings, causing furnace overheating or poor heating control or air flow problems from fan motors.

4. Pilot or Ignition Control Problems

Along with other mechanical parts, your furnace’s ignition control could be malfunctioning causing intermittent or no heat.

In today’s modern system there is typically one of two types of ignition system in place:

Hot Surface Ignition or
Intermittent Pilot
The hot surface ignition system uses resistance heating element (somewhat like a filament in a light bulb) controlled electronically to ignite the gas burner. The intermittent pilot system is also electronically controlled but uses a high voltage electrical spark to ignite the gas pilot and then the main burners, when the thermostat calls for heat which bring us to most common problem #5

5. Thermostat Malfunctions

Your furnace’s thermostat is the device that controls and determines when heat is to be produced and how much. Problems with your thermostat can result in no heat, no fan to force the hot air through your home, or intermittent heat which result in comfort problems.

These common issues can be quickly diagnosed and the problem area identified by one of A-OK Heating and Cooling’s NATE Certified technicians.
Call today to have one of our professional, courteous technicians preform a Tune- Up on your Furnace or heating system.

An A-OK Heating and Cooling HVAC Tune Up Consists Of:

The safety of your family and loved ones during the heating season is extremely important to us. Always remember that furnaces of any age may pose safety hazards from combustion or gases, particularly if a technician has not maintained the equipment regularly.