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A-OK Heating & Cooling has been a family name since 1972. We take pride in being family owned and we don’t take for granted the customers that have helped us last for more than 40 years. It is you and our other neighbors that allow us to keep helping people every summer, fall, winter, and spring with their HVAC in Peachtree City.

We do furnace repair in Peachtree City. Most of us tend to forget about our furnaces during the hot summer months in Peachtree City when all we can think about is more air conditioning but once the weather begins to drop during October and November we start to remember that our home temperature can get lower than 68 degrees.

If you tried to heat up your home and your furnace didn’t work, we are the company with the right certified technicians to come out and fix your furnace.

Check Your Furnace’s Pilot Light First
Believe it or not the most common problem with gas furnaces is that the pilot light is not lit. Gas furnaces need to have a pilot light. Before calling, locate your furnace and check to see if your pilot light is indeed lit. If it is not, make sure it is lit and try to activate your home’s heating system again.

If the problem persists, please call for our furnace repair services in Peachtree City.


How Does a Furnace Work?

A basic explanation of a furnace's functionality

OK Installed FurnaceA basic conventional furnaces look like a tall wide file cabinet (without drawers or box). This box is your furnace and its main functions are:

1. The furnace will suck in cold air.
2. The cold air will first pass through the air filter on the furnace to clean the air.
3. The cold air will then be heated up through the gas burner.
4. This hot air is then blown throughout the house by a motor. The air travels through the same ductwork that your air conditioning system uses.
5. This system is repeated by circulating the air inside the home to the furnace and back into the home.

Because furnaces have various parts and functions, there are multiple things that can go wrong with furnaces. Having the right certified technicians is crucial to uncovering the problem and providing a resolution that is effective and affordable. Not all furnaces should be fixed. In fact, sometimes the best option to replace a furnace entirely. This can happen because the repair bill can cost more than the furnace is worth, the old furnace is out of date and not efficient, or the furnace can’t really be repaired.

Whatever your circumstance is we will be honest and up front as to what needs to happen and why. With over 40 years of a proven track record you can trust that we will do the right thing every time.


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We always get A-OK to handle any of our heating and cooling problems. We also highly recommend them when other friends or family need assistance. My husband owns Birch Creek Real Estate and he refers all his clients to A-OK when inspecting a house. You… ~ Wanda Lynn Akin Jackson-Gran - Peachtree City, GA

Common Furnace Repair Problems

Are these things happening with your home's furnace?

Most of the furnaces we deal with in residential homes are conventional gas furnaces. This part of our page will talk about the various types of problems that occur with regular gas furnaces.

The Furnace Isn’t Producing Any Heat
Furnaces that are not producing heat is more common than most would think. When home owners experience this issue it is most likely winter and heat is desperately needed. Below is a list of some of the possible reasons this could be happening.

– The thermostat should be checked. A common reason why this is happening is that the thermostat isn’t set high enough and it isn’t activating your furnace. For example, if your thermostat is set to turn the furnace on when the house reaches 50 degrees you won’t be getting any heat until your house is way too cold for comfort.

– Another common reason this could be happening is because your thermostat isn’t working at all and is actually broken. If your thermostat is broken, then your heater won’t know when to turn on.

– You don’t have any electricity going to your furnace. This can be caused from a blown breaker or one that is tripped. Locate your breaker panel to make sure they are all on.

– Is your gas turned on? Sometimes the gas valve is closed and not letting any gas into the furnace. Without gas your gas furnace is pretty useless.

– Is your pilot light lit? Pilot lights need to be lit for your gas furnace to start up.

Your Furnace is Producing Heat, But Not Enough
If you are paying for your furnace to run, you really deserve for it to run right. After a long hot summer many home owners experience a poor functioning heater that just isn’t putting out enough hot air to keep their home comfortable. Below are some common reasons why this might be happening.

– When was the last time you changed your air filter? A dirty or clogged air filter will stop air flow which will limit your furnaces ability to heat your home. Clogged air filters can also dramatically decrease the life of your furnace. A-OK Heating & Cooling has a maintenance plan to make sure your furnace is maintained properly and lasts as long as possible.

– Another common problem has to do with the actual gas burners. They may need to be cleaned or readjusted.

– The air flow is being obstructed in one way or another.

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