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1 Review. Marty Norvel Gave us 5 Stars For This Job!

Job Details

Location of Job: Atlanta
When: May 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Freon Leak, Ceiling Repair
Brief Explanation

Basically everyone has dealt with a leak in their ceiling, but a freon leak? That is NO GOOD! We came to the rescue though and had the ceiling leak free in just a short visit! And because of his years of experience, David Swenson proved to be the perfect man for the job!


Marty Norvel Said This About Our Company

Marty Norvel

Atlanta, GA

Date: July 2016
"True Professionals! The team at A-OK HVAC Peachtree City perform extremely well with prompt and unparalleled service. I especially like the service after the sale. As a GC in the Altanta Metro area, this team ensures all our clients are very happy and cool. Keep up the good work guys!"

""True Professionals""

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Peachtree City, GA
Client Testimonial
We always get A-OK to handle any of our heating and cooling problems. We also highly recommend them when other friends or family need assistance. My husband owns Birch Creek Real Estate and he refers all his clients to A-OK when inspecting a house. You… ~ Wanda Lynn Akin Jackson-Gran - Peachtree City, GA