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4 Ps For Peachtree City’s Freezing Temperatures!

How To Prepare: The 4 Ps

P#1: People
– Remember to have adequate supplies just in case you can’t get to a store or a store runs out of supplies. The most important supplies are non-perishable food (your fridge won’t work if there is a power outage) & water.
– Heat. Have you turned on your furnace yet? Believe it or not there are many who haven’t turned on their furnace yet and are in for a big surprise. We replace and repair furnaces in Peachtree City. You are going to want to be warm when it is below 32 degrees.
– If for some reasons your heat doesn’t work, make sure you have plenty of blankets to keep warm.

P#2: Pipes
– Last year thousands of homes experienced freezing pipes. When your pipes freeze and break you have a serious issue on your hands. In fact, thousands of people had to file insurance claims and deal with damage restoration because of flooding.
– Prevent your pipes from freezing and breaking by covering your outside water spigots with a Sytrofoam cover. You can also use rags to place over your spigots.
– If you have any pipes above ground you can cover them with pipe foam insulation.
– Indoors you should keep you doors on your cabinets (where your pipes are) open at night to help the warm air from your home keep the pipes above freezing.

P#3: Pets
– If you have outdoor pets, do they have a warm place to go? Make sure your pets come indoors or are adequately warm outdoors. Some of our Peachtree City pets are not very good at being in below freezing temperatures.

P #4: Plants
– Any plant lovers out there? If yes, you probably already know the plants that need to come inside when the temperature starts getting cold. Save your plant by moving it into a warmer place. You can also try to cover your plants with blankets to help keep them warmer.

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